Chateau La Reine Audry

Chateau La Reine Audry is a wine from Chateau de Brague is a third generation, family-owned estate located in Bordeaux. For three generations, the same family has been zealously guarding the vineyards and making Château La Reine Audry wine.

Once Queen Audry asked her valet to hide her treasure before the barbarians arrived, so the treasure was buried in the plot now called “Plantier de la Reine”. No one has yet discovered it. 

It is a site inhabited since prehistoric times and is situated three kilometers from the Dordogne in the vicinity of Fronsac. ​Maurice Trève acquired the estate in 1936 and although he was busy as an inventor and railway equipment industrialist he began devoting all of his free time to the development of the vineyard. His son-in-law, Jacques Galland, engineer agronomist and industrialist in the foundry, then his daughter Hélène continued his work, modernizing and adapting techniques to the evolutions of viticulture and oenology. His granddaughters, Noele, architect, and Cécile, costume designer, continue this work undertaken for over 70 years with a constant search for quality and respect for the environment.

The estate covers 60 hectares of land and vines around the chateau. A range of grape varieties are grown in the vineyard, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc for the reds and Semillon for the white. Total production is relatively small for this area, to keep the focus on quality. The goal of Chateau's Bordeaux Superiour is to make a wine that is supple and elegant, while still maintaining freshness.